girl play with a lifelike baby doll

Everyone out there believes that only girl children are normal to play with dolls. Whenever anyone sees girls over 5 or 6 years old playing with the doll, they consider it weird. People used to say that it is not normal and symptoms of a psychopath. Even boys at the early stages of life and later in teenage and beyond stages used to play with baby dolls. It seems unusual and weird towards most of the people.

But what if your daughter or son at the age of 14 or over is interested in playing with baby dolls? Most of the people ask questions like it is ok for a boy to play with baby dolls? Is there a need to worry if a girl at later stages of life likes to play with a baby doll? At what age children should stop playing with dolls? Such questions are common and everyone has a different opinion about it.

For some people, a teenage girl playing with baby dolls is an unusual and abnormal act because playing with dolls is usually associated with childhood. In contrast, there is another group of people who believes that there is nothing wrong with your child if she/he wants to play with dolls even in later stages of life i.e. youth or adulthood. Even there are some benefits associated with the adults playing with dolls that we will discuss in this article.

Here we will answer some of the common questions parents usually ask and are worried about their children.

What if your daughter or son at the age of 14 or over is interested in playing with baby dolls

Is my daughter too old to play with baby dolls?

The straightforward answer to this question is that there is no specific age limit specified by an expert psychiatrist for girls playing with dolls. Your daughter can play with baby dolls at any stage as there is no adverse effect associated with such activities. No matter their age, girls can play with dolls. Taking care of dolls, dressing them, brushing their hairs with care brings a feeling of happiness to girls of all ages. Spending time playing with baby dolls especially Reborn baby dolls can make you emotionally healthy as you will have an activity to do which makes you feel happy.

There is no unhealthy aspect associated with keeping and playing with realistic baby dolls. For adults, this hobby is wonderful as it enables you to express your creative side in an improvisational and fun way. Parents should be happy and thankful that their daughters at the age of 13 or 14 are playing with dolls because in this way they can stay away from the stuff that they should not do.

The only issue most of the girls at the age of 14 playing with baby dolls face is the fear of girls what their friends at school will say when they about their habit of playing with dolls. To avoid bully or any depressing situation due to comments or reactions of friends or other people, you have no need to force your daughter to stop playing with baby dolls. The forceful action on your daughters will leave a bad impression on her personality. At first, you should not worry about your daughter playing with dolls at any age because there is nothing unhealthy in doing so. Secondly, you should ignore the comments of people as it is her life and you should allow her to do things where she feels happy and harmless for her.

girl play with a lifelike baby doll

Arguments and comments from people are common. Friends, families, and neighbors even unknown people used to comment on every matter of life and both positive and negative comments are usual. So just ignore what people or your friends say and continue doing what you feel happy in. Moreover, if you are really worried about your friends and people out there, you can carry on your hobby of playing with baby dolls at home and don’t show it outside.  

Playing with Reborn Baby Doll and dedication about this hobby can help you know more about it. Playing with baby dolls may grow into the collection and reselling of dolls at online platforms or inventing a unique doll that you can sell throughout the world.  Playing with baby dolls at later stages of lives can bring back the memories of childhood.


Therefore, there is no fixed age limit above which you should start worrying about your daughter playing with baby dolls. It is simply a hobby for grown-up girls and there is nothing unhealthy associated with such acts. So stop worrying about your daughter and let her do what she feels happy with.