How People Actually Feel About Having a Reborn Baby Doll

Reborn baby dolls are often owned by moms who are unable to or will not bear their own babies for one reason or another and the mothers who have lost their babies. These babies are made of silicon and vinyl and feel exactly like real babies, extremely realistic facial features, and hairs the same as real babies and are purchased in place of real babies that they have lost or can’t be produced. Moreover, there is another group of people who simply prefer realistic baby dolls over the real human baby and this appears like an actual psychological disorder.

take a lifelike baby doll outdoor

Having reborn baby dolls is most common among women and the reason for investing lots of money into it is different for all of them. Some women believe that it is very important for them to keep a reborn baby. While some other women don’t take it seriously and just like to collect them. It is a hobby for some women who use to buy a new one because they don’t feel comfortable with the previous one and sell it after a year or so.

No matter the reason for collecting, they say that they love the feeling of holding the reborn baby doll in their arms and feeding them. They also like to change their clothes and it brings a feeling of happiness to them.

In addition to women who are having reborn baby dolls because they have lost children or want grandchild, young girls also seem to have a lifelike baby doll. For them the act of playing with Reborn baby dolls is interesting and they like to play with them like a usual doll. We often get reviews that contain words of "my daughter or my granddaughter loves it" and "birthday gift". That means many mothers and grandmas regard a lifelike baby doll as a gift.

lifelike baby doll
Some women believe that if they out for a walk with a baby in their stroller, people around will turn out to be more helpful and they will get more attention. People around will not know that the baby is a doll, therefore the women would appear as a mom instead of getting no attention at all. Almost all the women seemed to be happier with a reborn baby doll as compared to before.

Sabrina is the reborn doll collector who loves to keep and care for the reborn baby dolls and treat them like real children. Like any other lifelike doll collector, Sabrina used to feed them, dress them, change them, talk to them, and relax them. She also takes them out in public on walk and shopping and most of the time people are unable to recognize them as dolls.

Sabrina is a loving and devoted mom and loves to get her baby girl Jaylah ready for bed with care and love. At first, she undresses Jaylah, changes her diaper, and dresses her up in pretty baby pajama. Then she fed her and politely cuddles her on the back. Then she put her in a cute crib for a good night's sleep without crying. She loves and care about Jaylah as she is like her real baby girl and feels happy doing so.

lifelike baby doll

Another 30-year-old reborn doll collector and reborn artist from California says that she loves what she does. She says that she always loves reborn baby dolls and she got excited every time she gets a new one. To her, reborn baby dolls are so cute to look at. She said that one of the biggest hurdles she faced from people was that reborn doll collectors always need to justify why they keep such dolls and need to convince people that this the normal hobby. But she said for me it is just a fun collection which she likes to do and feel happy with it and she doesn’t care about people's comments.

Another woman named Marilyn says that the reborn dolls are actually a part of her family and she treats them like their real children. Laurel said that “holding reborn baby dolls in arms actually makes changes in my mind and it feels so real”. Another woman named Kym, a stepmother of 5 children but wanted a real baby of her own and when she bought a reborn baby doll online she was so happy and she fell in love with a baby because it appears and felt like a real baby. She said that I got my own baby that I would never have.